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Professor David Ackland

Biomechanical Engineer from the University of Melbourne

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Xin Zhang

Biomechanical Engineer

Xin Zhang received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Melbourne in 2021 and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Western Australia in 2014. During his doctoral research, he developed a dynamic wrist simulator and used bi-plane fluoroscopy to study the change in carpal kinematics after incrementally disrupting different scapholunate-supporting ligaments and subsequent reconstructive surgeries. As a research assistant at the HWBL, he was involved in the 4D-CT analysis of CMC motion and experimental investigations on optimal screw placement for treating scaphoid fractures. His research interests include in-vitro joint simulation, musculoskeletal modelling, image processing, and computer vision techniques applied to medical imaging.

university of melbourne.jpeg

University of Melbourne

Department of biomechanical engineering

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University of Monash

Monash institute of medical engineering - biomaterials research

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St Vincent's Institute

O'Brien Institute

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Dandenong Hospital

Screenshot 2020-07-26 16.23.26.png

Dandenong Hand Surgery Unit

royal children's hospital.jpg

Royal Children's Hospital


Department of Plastics and Hand Surgery, 

St Vincent's Hospital

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